Advice + Food

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had five followers, but I didn’t mention that I have yet to receive comments. I would really love it if those of you who have liked and/or following my blog to give me some pointers. Am I doing something wrong? Am I at all interesting? Anything, I would really appreciate some feedback here.

Also an update on my Valentines Day, the boyfriend and I went to Ruby Tuesdays this afternoon for a late lunch and then headed over to the little Antique Mall here in Grand Forks. I really meant to bring my camera, but I didn’t think we’d actually get to go, so I left it at home. Anyways, we tried their Asian Dumplings, very delicious, especially the peanut sauce that they drizzle on the plate and have in a dipping saucer. I thought it was a brilliant idea to lightly sprinkle the potstickers with poppy and sesame seeds. Must try that for when I (hopefully) get around to making another batch of potstickers. I found this amazing recipe for pork potstickers a few months ago and I love it, check it out at Use Real Butter. Her recipe(s) are easy to follow and she provides pictures along the way. My only problem with making potstickers though was the part where you add water to hot oil (scary!).

Oh and yesterday I found this truly amazing tea at work, if you like tea, aren’t picky, and you like fruity tea seriously give this tea a try!

(Image from Saucy Sprinkles, who also has a great copycat version of Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade)