Valentines Day + DIY + Life

Happy Valentines Day everyone (especially to those who are now following my blog!). I haven’t done any networking whatsoever yet because I think it’d be best to get some more content before I go about advertising my blog, but I do have five followers that I don’t know personally. So thank you guys! My Valentines day plans aren’t very exciting, class and work, however I did skip my second class (drawing) because I personally hate what were working on right now, mine is not coming out right so I plan on redoing it this weekend. Tomorrow though I don’t have anything going on besides work around six, so hopefully the boyfriend and I can do something maybe…we’re both kind of broke!

I was looking on pinterest to find some cute ideas for Valentines Day, if I were to have money, I would definitely whip up some of these nommy looking love day fortune cookies!

vday fortune

You can find out how to make them at Sugar For The Brain a super cute blog that’s chalked full of some sugary recipes.

So remember how I said I was working on a 3D star in ceramics? Well here it is and it’s now a starfish, pretty fancy eh?


It not done yet of course, it still needs to be fired and then glazed (if we glaze it), but the color that you see on it already is slip color, the middle is white and the outer color will be blue once its been fired and not bisqueware anymore. Also the top point is supposed to look like it’s not attached because it isn’t, it’ll be the lid for my “container.”

What did you do for Valentines Day?



Yesterday Grand Forks got hit with a small “blizzard,” it was mostly strong winds blowing a fair amount of snow around and creating nasty drifts. The only good thing about this “blizzard” was that I got to sleep in an hour later..yeah not so great. Classes were cancelled until 10 AM while NDSU’s classes were just cancelled, I know I sound like a whiny five-year old, but adult or not who doesn’t love a snow day?! My beau offered to drive me to work last night and I almost said no, I love that he offers, but it’s the twenty-first century and I’m a big girl. However, I drive a ’04 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and she’s not a “big” girl in that kind of weather. I just got her this past summer, my mum keeps saying she wants to get me an actual big girl car that’s reliable in the winter. Psh. No!

My morning class is ceramics and I got a lollipop for actually showing up! Woo! However, I’m kind of behind on my geometric container. I’m making a 3D star and one of points will be the lid. I also (finally) glazed my first assignment, which was five pinch pots with different design techniques. In my drawing II class were working on a self-portrait (yay! not.) using an ink pad and applicator, such as a pencil eraser.

The other day I found this amazing Sea Glass Jar DIY and I just so happen to have these adorable glass jugs that I plan on applying the diy too! I’ll have pictures of my progress on my art & craft projects up as soon as possible.