Fifty Random Facts About Me

So I realize you still probably don’t know me very well and you will as I continue blogging, but for now I’m going to throw some more information about me at you! I know this isn’t important, but I hope you can relate with me.

Let’s get started!

  1. I’m allergic to water-proof band aids & kiwi.
  2. I’m obsessed with giraffes and plan on side rib tattoo of one.
  3. I work at Michael’s and Starbucks.
  4. I can’t whistle.
  5. I was a miracle child along with my older brother. (Mum was told she couldn’t have kids.)
  6. I can snowboard and ski.
  7. My first concert was N*Sync.
  8. My number is seven.
  9. This is my fourth time trying to blog.
  10. Mulan is the best Disney movie ever!
  11. I can play the piano & alto saxophone.
  12. I make a mean creme brulee.
  13. I use to have green spotted puffers and pea puffers.
  14. I was a dog washer for two years and it was my first real job.
  15. I play Johnball and am on the council for the Grand Forks Chapter.
  16. I lived on a citrus/animal farm.
  17. Which leads to me riding a goat when I was five.
  18. We also had emus.
  20. Gemini.
  21. Fresh produce is the shit.
  22. Along with farmers markets.
  23. I was a ballerina when I was younger and was in the Nutcracker three times.
  24. I sleep like a vampire.
  25. I love to frolf, use to be pretty decent, not so much now.
  26. I love going to antique stores.
  27. I was caught shoplifting when I was seventeen.
  28. Bad habits: nail-biting & smoking.
  29. I wear contacts.
  30. I want two boys and then a girl.
  31. I knit.
  32. I REALLY want to backpack around Europe for a few weeks.
  33. My favorite fruit is raspberries.
  34. Purple. ❤
  35. Bought my first car myself when I was fourteen.
  36. I had an ancestor who was a Nazi. (depressing)
  37. NOMNOM sushi!
  38. I’m anemic, but most girls are at one point or another.
  39. I own a pair of dragon happy feet + three other pairs of slippers.
  40. I play video games, not to be the “gamergirl,” but because they’re the best and I’m pretty good!
  41. I squeal when I see cute, adorable animals.
  42. I’ve been to Canada once. ( I have family there.)
  43. Mexico on the other hand I’ve been there sooo many times. ❤
  44. I love incense, my favorites are Shangri-La & Awaphui.
  45. I like greek mythology, I wish there was a class @ UND that I could take.
  47. I’m a wannabe exercise enthusiast.
  48. I rarely drink.
  49. I’ve been in seven relationships & only two have been serious.
  50. I enjoy watching Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Shameless, FoodNetwork, and Adventure Time. 🙂

Introductions Are In Order

I figure I might as well give you a little insight about myself. So here’s a short list of things that I want to do before I die, I plan on updating it as my life progresses.

1. Learn to pierce.
2. Slow dance.
3. Give blood. Did it to get backstage passes at Warped Tour a few years ago, not that I need such an incentive to give blood, just a nice bonus.
4. Inspire someone. I honestly forgot why I crossed this one off..might have to reopen it.
5. Milk a goat.
6. Eat spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp. With the beau 🙂
7. Hitchhike.
8. Go to a lighthouse.
9. Dye part of my hair a color of the rainbow. Currently my favorite color is purple and has been for a few years, so last year I dyed a strip.
10. Get a piercing, besides ears.  The first thing that I did once getting to college was have my nose pierced, I absolutely love it and am glad I did it.
11. Answer a pay phone.
12. Catch a firefly again.
13. Send a message in a bottle.
14. Swim with a dolphin.
15. Go skinny dipping. My friend has a hot tub and one weekend while his family was gone the beau and I took a dip. 🙂
16. Hug a homeless guy.
17. Not forgive someone. Ex’s..
18. Do a kickflip.
19. Play an actual song on the guitar.
20. Save someone’s life.
21. Yell back at a teacher/boss.
22. Ballroom dance.
23. Shower in a waterfall.
24. Save an animal.
25. Get a tattoo.
26. Shoot a gun.
27. Walk through a haunted house without closing my eyes. I am such a scaredy cat!
28. Write a book.
29. Ride a cable car.
30. Cliff dive.
31. Be someone’s guardian.
32. Name a star.
33. Skydive.
34. Live in Venice, Italy.
35. Go to a grocery store dressed as a cow and create a ruckus.
36. Tell my mum I’m sleeping over at a friend’s, but do something else.
37. Egg a house. Funny story behind this one!
38. Swing in my undies at a park with Alisha.
39. Go in a hot air balloon.
40. Get married and have kids.
41. Visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory.
42. Run a naked run.
43. See Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.