Senior Picture
(Photo by Manson Photo)

Well, hello. I’m Dana, and here’s a little bit about me.

First off, I was born and partially raised in Arizona, just before fourth grade I moved to Minnesota to be closer to family. Since graduating highschool in 2011, I have been attending the University of North Dakota and majoring in Graphic Design New Art & Media. My passion is for cooking, that was the plan go to culinary school become a famous chef and fill people’s mouths with delicious tasty dishes. However, financially I couldn’t afford the institute I wanted to attend and am now following my other passion graphic arts. Since being here and in my third semester (first semester I was majoring in Graphic Design Technology -oopsies!) I have taken a few art classes and have discovered that I might really enjoy painting as well as printmaking.

Being from a somewhat heavily populated city, moving out to North Dakota has been a really big snooze fest for me. I’m creative when I need to be and always in the mood to be creative, but never really jump on it. No, I don’t carry a sketchbook with me at all times and no, I don’t jot ideas down, I know, I really should. That’s kind of why this blog has come about, it will be my sketchbook/notebook, where I can just record my creative thoughts among others things as well.

I enjoy cups of tea & mugs of jo, reading (checkout my goodreads ->), cooking & baking, crafting, and doing the arts thing. I live in a cozy two bedroom apart with two boys, my beau and friend. You can also read my bucketlist and fifty random facts.

Thanks for stopping by!


(Aren’t I adorable!)

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